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Facing foreclosure?

You aren't alone.

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What solutions do you have?

  • Im facing foreclosure, can i sell my home via regular sale?
    In most cases, yes you can sell your home through a regular home sale process If the home exceeds the value of whatever is owed*
  • How long does the short-sale process take?
    It totally depends on whoever the lien holder is, sometimes it can be just as quick a regular home sale, sometimes it can take much longer*
  • Will going through a short-sale hurt my credit?
    Yes, in most cases it will. But it is not as severe as letting the home go through a foreclosure process and get it reposessed*
  • How much time after a short-sale can i buy another home?
    In many cases you can purchase right away, but if you want to buy with an FHA loan, its usually a 2 year waiting period. It all depends on various factors*
  • Would the bank really work on a loan modification with me?
    In some cases, yes they will. It totally depends on the bank and various other factors.* On the other hand ive helped clients apply for a loan modification but it would be denied after waiting a while. Meanwhile our foreclosure date was approaching!
  • Why go through the hassle of a short-sale?
    The answer is simple, if you don't want your credit to take a huge hit, and your ability to buy a home with a loan to be delayed by many years, and your credit worthiness to diminish. Then yes, go through the hassle of a short-sale.

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Marilu Bailon

Since establishing my business in 2002, prioritizing my clients has been my unwavering commitment. Irrespective of their circumstances, I ensure that every client receives exceptional respect and service. My purpose is to serve and guide clients through any Real Estate situations they encounter in life. I'm readily available, just a call or text away.

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